Go Power Solar is getting more efficient

by Chad Whitney

Go Power is getting more efficient in the RV Solar game. They are increasing their wattage from identical footprint panels. For example they just raised the wattage rating on their Overlander 160 to an Overlander 170 watt panel.

This is good news for the RV market, because larger arrays can now sit atop units across the world. This allows for additional powering options.

This little 10 watt increase in power can really make a difference in total watts in a large Go Power solar array.  For example in a All Electric 6 Panel setup, a user gets about an extra 4 amps of power. That is almost half of a panel of output in the same size array.

There is talk of more efficient Go Power panels on the horizon, who knows where this will lead us when paired with better battery technologies. Maybe one day we can run our air conditioning and our whole RV on solar.