Gourmet Camp Cooking

Gourmet camping setup includes all items of a home gourmet kitchen.

For years we have enjoyed our time camping in the woods and on the beaches of the southern states. We did not enjoy the camping because we were "roughing it", but we were loving our camping times because we were living it up gourmet style.

Gourmet cooking while camping is a fun way to enjoy your camping experiences.

Buttery lobsters and fresh fish would slide across the camp table with nice wine pairings. We would really work to embrace the local ingredients wherever we traveled. Often we would purchase our produce from the local farmers markets and make our favorite dishes with a gourmet flair.


We loved visiting the beaches along the Florida coast because the ingredients were so fresh and the seafood was plentiful. Our small camper was well stocked with great beers and luscious wines to match any type of gourmet dish we might prepare.


We often ate and cooked out in the open with our galley type kitchen. This led to several conversations with other campers about how taking the extra time to prepare gourmet meals was always a great experience.

It is important that you have great gear and always have fun when trying to add a little something extra to your camping cuisine. Having fun always makes the food taste so much better.