Auto Charge WP Kit (Kussmaul 1000)

Kussmaul Auto Charge 1000 and Auto Eject

The Auto Charge WP Kit includes a Charger, a Display and WP Auto Eject. The WP Auto Eject is recommended for installations where the rear of the Auto Eject is protected from the weather. The Kussmaul Auto Charge WP Kit provides a complete vehicle charging system at an affordable price.

  • 18A total: 15A battery charger, 3A battery saver
  • Automatic operation regulates output to a single 
    battery bank
  • A patented built-in sense circuit checks battery voltage 120 times per second to compensate for voltage drop in charging wires providing quick re-charge, with no overcharge
  • Separate “Battery Saver” output eliminates drain on 
    vehicle battery when in station and a
    utomatically disconnects auxiliary vehicle loads from battery when charger is energized:
    Ideal for charging hand lights and portable radios
    3A output with automatic overload current limit
    Not recommended for powering highly sensitive 
    electronic loads 
  • Front panel indicators: AC power applied, Battery Saver circuit overload
  • Designed for rigors of emergency vehicle use; heavy duty aluminum case 
  • 3 year warranty

The Auto Eject WP is a power input connector designed to be mounted in the side of a vehicle to permit connecting 120 Volt AC shoreline. It comes with a weatherproof cover. The cover is spring-loaded to close, preventing water from entering when the shoreline is not connected. A solenoid wired to the vehicle’s starter is energized when the engine is cranked. This instantaneously drives the plug from the receptacle. This simple, reliable device, eliminates forever the broken cables which result when drivers forget to remove the shoreline before driving away.

The Kussmaul Product Line is quite extensive and complex. Please call ahead of ordering if you are unsure of the proper product for your application.

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