Kussmaul Auto Charge 35/10 12 V PUMP WP Kit 58-06-1106

Auto Charge 35/10

  • 45A total: 35A battery charger, 10A battery saver
  • Automatic operation regulates output to a single 
    battery bank
  • A patented built-in sense circuit checks battery voltage 120 times per second to compensate for voltage drop in charging wires providing quick re-charge, with no overcharge
  • Separate 10 Amps “Battery Saver” output eliminates drain on vehicle battery when in the station and automatically disconnects auxiliary vehicle loads from the battery when charger is energized:
    Ideal for charging hand lights and radios
    10A output with automatic overload current limit
    Not recommended for powering highly sensitive 
    electronic loads 
  • Front panel indicators: AC power applied, Battery Saver circuit overload
  • Designed for rigors of emergency vehicle use; heavy-duty aluminum case 
  • 3-year warranty

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  • 100 PSI Max Rating, 120V, 4A
  • Vehicle mount compressor ensures air brake system is properly pressurized for immediate 
    truck departure from the station
  • Pressure switch regulated operation automatically senses low pressure in the air system and restores proper pressure, preventing brake lock-up
  • Pressure switch regulated operation
  • No interference with the engine mounted air compressor
  • Factory set PSI actuation points: 75 “On”, 95 “Off” with Adjustment differential 20 PSI
  • Sealed ball bearings for long service life
  • Compact size
  • 1-year warranty

WP Auto Eject, Model #: 091-20WP-120

wp auto eject 120vac 20amp120 Volts AC, 20 Amps automatically disconnects shoreline designed specifically for emergency vehicles eliminates broken shoreline 2 year warranty

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