Kussmaul Auto Eject 15WP: Weatherproof 120V

Kussmaul Auto Eject in weatherproof yellow.

The Kussmaul Auto Eject WP is a power input connector designed to be mounted in the side of a vehicle to permit connecting 120 Volt AC shoreline. It comes with a weatherproof cover. The Kussmaul Auto Eject Cover is spring loaded to close, preventing water from entering when the shoreline is not connected. A solenoid wired to the vehicle’s starter, is energized when the engine is cranked. This instantaneously drives the plug from the receptacle. This simple, reliable device, eliminates forever the broken cables which result when drivers forget to remove the shoreline before driving away.

Input: 12 V DC
Output Connector Voltage: 120 Vac
Output Connector Current: 15 Amps                               
Weight: 2 lbs
Warranty: 2 Years 

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