Kussmaul has been a reliable vendor for Outside Supply’s emergency and first responder vehicle customers for over 15 years. We carry all currently available parts from Kussmaul. Our catalog include

Kussmaul Load Manager 12V

The LOAD MANAGER is a precision solid-state controller, which sequentially switches “ON” seven relays at 1/2 second intervals. Individual switches, which the user may install, …
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Kussmaul RF Receiver 12V

The Transmitter/Receiver is a remote control system between a vehicle, and a building. It is designed to activate various electrical systems in the building, when …
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Kussmaul DC Energy Display, DCE

Displays 12 or 24 voltsDisplays up to 500 ampsDisplays energy used and remaining for up to 3,000 amp-hour capacityMonitor voltage on up to three separate …
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