Kussmaul has been a reliable vendor for Outside Supply’s emergency and first responder vehicle customers for over 15 years. We carry all currently available parts from Kussmaul. Our catalog include

Kussmaul Pump Plus 1000 Super Kit

18A total: 15A charger, 3A battery saver Automatic operation regulates output to a single battery bank A patented built-in sense circuit checks battery voltage 120…
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Kussmaul LPC 7 Charger 12V

7A, 12V charge rating Three-step charging: bulk, absorption, float Lightweight, small low profile size Clean output poses no interference with radios and other mobile electronics…
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Kussmaul Auto Charge 2000

The Auto Charge 2000 is a high output dual battery charger that independently charges two batteries. Unique electronic sensing circuits sense the true battery voltage…
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