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Installing Solar Panels on RV Roof

Three keys to a great rv solar panel installation on the roof

  1. Safety is critical - you are dealing with a roof. This installation means higher work areas than most people operate at daily. This height means installers must take special fall prevention steps that are designed to prevent dangers. Hard hats are a good idea for installers and helpers, as tools can fall and injure them. Keep the installation safe. Hire a professional if you are uncomfortable or need someone with the skills required.

  2. Secure installation - your RV will be cruising down the road. Whoever installs the panels should make sure they are securely mounted to the RV. The wind on the roof will be pretty extreme, so this is a crucial step to get right.

  3. Watertight installations - water is not your RV’s friend. Please read the directions on the sealant to make sure it is compatible with your and prepare the surfaces as the recommendations suggest. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the panels, sealing the screws, and any other penetrations to the RV.

Take your time and get the panels appropriately mounted and as planned. Ask the installer for detailed pictures if you hire a professional—close-up photos of the installed solar panels, each panel bracket, and seal.

Installing your solar panels on your RV roof after you have completed a plan for laying them out and gathered all the required materials.

The essential list of tools and materials to install RV solar panels:

  • Tools and Materials for RV Solar Installation
  • Cordless Screwdriver

  • Screwdriver bits & Drill Bits

  • Screw Drivers - Flat and Philips

  • Wrenches

    – Socket

    – Open-ended wrenches

  • - Caulk gun

  • - Wire cutters

  • - Tie wraps

  • - Solar panel brackets and mounting hardware

  • - Sealant

  • - Butyl tape

  • - MC4 wire

    • MC4 Branch Connectors

  • - Solar panels

    • Cardboard box to cover the solar panel during installation
  • - Gear and support for safe installation like helper, safety glasses, ear plugs, ladder, and fall restraint system

This list is only some of what is needed to install a solar panel on an RV roof, but it should get you most of the way there.