Use and Care of Your ORCA Cooler


With proper use and care, your ORCA Cooler will be the last cooler you ever have to purchase; unless, of course, you need a different size or want another color.

In order to ensure maximum cold retention and efficiency with your ORCA cooler, it is essential to prepare your cooler each time prior to use.


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• Cool your cooler - seriously, cooling your ORCA cooler is the best first step to ensure you maximize its cold retention capabilities. Unless you just happen to have access to a walk-in or other type of commercial-size cooler, put your ORCA cooler in the coolest place in your house for 12-24 hours before you plan to use it. If temperatures and weather conditions warrant, putting it outside overnight works great.

• If you can't find a good way to cool your ORCA Cooler, put a block or bag of ice in it and close and latch the lid and keep it out of the sun, if possible, to get the cooler cool before using it. Do this 12-14 hours prior to use.

• When you are ready to use the cooler, remove any water and ice from the cooler. Replace any ice in the cooler with fresh ice that is truly frozen and is not in the thawing process. Ice that is already dripping water won't last long in any cooler. Make sure your ice is truly frozen!


 24 Qt ORCA Coolers from Outside Supply


• Refrigerate and/or freeze as many of the items as possible that you plan to put in your ORCA cooler before actually loading the cooler. This makes the ice last longer and helps the cooler do its job better.




Dry ice
When taking longer trips or wanting to freeze your cooler's contents, dry ice is an excellent option. It also happens to be the lightest ice option, which can make carrying home quarry in your cooler that much easier. Be sure, as well, to familiarize yourself with how to handle dry ice - never with bare hands, always stored in a well-ventilated area.

Block ice
Block ice takes longer to melt, but doesn't always provide the ambient refrigeration you need. Whether you're using commercially packaged block ice or freezing water-filled milk jugs, we recommend using block ice in combination with smaller cubed ice which can help fill in any air gaps and maximize the time that your cooler retains the desired chill.

Cubed ice
Cubed ice alone can be an effective coolant by itself for shorter trips, but should be used in combination with dry or block ice to achieve the best results.


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• Start with block ice in the center of the cooler and pack the items you will use last around it.

• Cover those items with cube ice and then add another layer of items, add another layer of ice and so forth until you fill the cooler to the top. If you run out of layers, just go ahead and fill the cooler to the top with ice...dead air space is a cold killer and will cause ice to melt much faster than it normally would.


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• As ice melts, refill the cooler with more ice if possible. ORCA coolers are designed to keep your perishable items cold for many days, but fresh ice always helps.

• Drain the water as ice melts. While the water may feel "ice cold", it's not or it would still be ice. Drain it and your ice will last longer.

• Remember, if you are at a remote site where there is no potable water available, use the water from your melted ice for some camp chores. If you have a water purifier, use the melted ice water for drinking or brushing teeth, even for bathing.

• Keep your cooler out of sun, if possible.

• Keep your cooler from directly touching the ground, except where the ground or other hot surface directly touches the cooler's feet. Keeping air flowing under your cooler will help keep the ice in your cooler last longer.

• Your father probably told you more than once while you were growing up to shut the door in the summer because he didn't want to cool the rest of the neighborhood. It's the same with a cooler. Keep the lid to your cooler shut and latched as much as possible. The ice in your cooler will last longer, often days longer by using this simple tip.


These tips allow your ORCA cooler to utilize its cold retention properties far above those or ordinary coolers, and, will help you enjoy using your cooler even more.

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