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Install Kit 1

Go Power Install Kit 1 Go Power! DC Inverter Installation Kits include everything you will need to properly connect your Go Power! Inverter to the batteries. Install Kit 1 (GP-DC-KIT1) is used with inverters from 200 – 600 watts.| This kit includes the folling items: *Inline Fuse 60 *10ft. #6 AWG cables *11” Cable Ties *5/16” Cable clamps *#10x 3/4” screws | There are bigger install kits if you have a larger inverter.

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Power Inverter Install Kits

Pre made kits to install the DC side of your power inverter Go Power Install Kit Power inverter install kits by Go Power come in 5 different sizes. Each Install kit comes with the proper size fuse & block,10 foot long large gauge battery cables, ties, cables and screws. The power inverter install kits are a necessary part of installing an inverter in your RV. If you are unsure what you might need, please call us at (We No Longer Take Phone Calls).

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