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The latest news around the RV and mobile power landscape.

Starlink RV Guide

The solar power guide for Starlink in your RV Starlink, SpaceX’s Global Satellite Constellation, might be the remote worker and RVers’ dream connection. With a global connection footprint, you could really travel in your RV just about anywhere. Numerous times on the road, we were near national parks like Yellowstone and Glacier and had no internet services. This lack of service required long drives sometimes to complete only short tasks online.

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Are RV Prices Falling

RV prices have to be falling with all these economic changes, right? Economic conditions are changing swiftly. Inflation is high, and interest rates are rising rapidly to combat inflation. One could only expect that market forces that drove RV prices higher, when reversed, should push prices down. In the last few years, let us consider all the unusual factors that caused RV prices of both new and used units to go up significantly.

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