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Are RV Prices Falling

RV prices have to be falling with all these economic changes, right?

RV prices may be heading down on both new and used RVs

Economic conditions are changing swiftly. Inflation is high, and interest rates are rising rapidly to combat inflation. One could only expect that market forces that drove RV prices higher, when reversed, should push prices down.

In the last few years, let us consider all the unusual factors that caused RV prices of both new and used units to go up significantly.

  • Increased mobile workforce
  • Hurricanes
  • Chip shortages
  • Lack of other vacation opportunities

These same factors drove rentals of vacation homes through the roof as well.

Today, work is returning to normal. More jobs are returning to the office. More used RVs are hitting the market as the above factors begin to reverse.

See how short term rentals may be going bust as well

Although we may not have seen RV prices and values fall dramatically so far, we believe prices for used units will begin to plummet. Once used values fall, this will soften the new market as well. A few-year-old coach with massive discounts makes it harder to sell a new unit for a significant premium.

This price decrease will lead to some interesting problems in the RV space. RV loans are often financed over longer periods of time. So many RVers may try to sell their used units, only to find they are upside down on their loans. Liquidations and quick sales to get our from under the debt will cause used prices to fall fast, thus softening demand. If this becomes the norm, it will cause very interesting side effects to both new and used RV pricing.


In our opinion, Yes, RV prices will fall dramatically over the next two to five years. While this is not guaranted to happen, market forces will certainly impact pricing.