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Rv Lithium Battery Pack

So you are interested in getting a lithium battery pack for your RV This question could be a little confusing at first, because when you are asking for a lithium battery pack for your RV, it is not clear whether you are trying to have a lithium battery bank installed in your RV to power items like your lighting, dc loads and possibly provide power to your power inverter and outlets.

RV Lithium Battery Problems

what kind of problems have you seen with lithium batteries for RVs? Now that lithium batteries are main stream in RVs, what kind of problems have you heard of? The first problem is I have heard that the purchase price was the biggest problem :)! Just kidding, they really have come down in price. See Are Rv lithium batteries worth it for a more serious answer. Lifespan is not really a problem for lithium RV batteries Lithium batteries typically have a lifespan of 5-10 years, depending on usage and conditions.

How Long Do Lithium Rv Batteries Last

Well how do you judge batteries that haven’t been around for decades? I always find this to be a hard question to know the exact answer. Lithium batteries haven’t been main stream until the last 4 to 5 years. This doesn’t give the best source of information for life expectancy on the road. So how do lithium battery manfacturers know how long to warranty their products? They test them to simulate the real world use that the batteries can expect.

Are Lithium RV Batteries Worth the Cost

So you are wondering whether that exspensive upgrade to lithium batteries in your RV is worth the cost Simply, for most RVers it is worth the cost to upgrade to lithium batteries anytime you have some or all of the following conditions: Need to already replace the battery bank Plan on keeping the RV over 2 years Concerned with the weight of your RV Need more duration and run time from your battery bank Have a damaged or faulty battery Here is what to know about the cost of lithium RV batteries They ain’t cheap!

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