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Are Lithium Batteries a Good Choice for Solar

Should I buy Lithium Batteries for my RV? Lithium batteries are highly powerful batteries made up of lithium compounds. They stand apart from other batteries because of their high charge density and higher cost per unit. These amazing units can last for thousands of cranking hours for years of enjoyable use and reliability. A lot of people are replacing their AGM and Deep Cycle Marine Batteries for them because of the high output of these units.

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A Look at Go Power for RV

Go Power Mobile Power for RV Go Power is the brand of equipment that we really focus on at Outside Supply. I wanted to take some time to show some of the great items that they have on the market. Their solar panel charging kits are the standard for allowing campers to live a powered lifestyle even in the remotest of areas. When shopping for solar and inverter for your equipment, you will come across much cheaper products that Go Power.

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Airstream Solar Flexible Panel Installation

Installation of Flexibles Panels on an Airstream 7TH JUL 2014 BY CHAD WHITNEY One of our great customers snapped a pic for us of their sweet airstream loaded with our solar flexible 100 and 30 watt panels. They are ready for the road! Nice If you are interested in flexible solar similar to the ones you see here, check this out. The newest style of solar panels is flexible ones that can confrom somewhat to the shape of the RV roof.

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