130 Watt Portable Solar Panel with 30 Foot Extension Cable

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New upgraded higher output solar panel

UPDATE* This is the new 130 watt portable solar kit as The 120 watt Portable Solar Panel has been upgraded to a larger output.

The rugged durability of our solar panels guarantees you will generate solar power everywhere you go and with its portable setup features you will be charging in no time. This portable charging panel comes in a complete kit form allowing you to park in the shade while your solar panel sits up to 30 feet away in the sun.


Having a built-in PWM solar controller that prevents your batteries from overcharging will allow you to have years of worry-free operation. This high-end Go Power panel features adjustable folding legs with the standard 15 feet of solar power cable paired with a 30 foot extension cable. For easy connection to your battery, it includes quick connect battery clamps. Anderson connectors allow for easy disconnection of the panel from the charging cables. It comes with a heavy-duty carrying case that can easily be stowed when not in use. In fact, the panel folds in half to reduce its footprint when not in use. This portable panel is perfect for small campers, pop-up trailers, and boats needing that extra bit power over the weekend or extended camping trip.

Airstream travel trailer with a  portable solar kit.

A portable solar panel setup up with battery connectors that are included in the Go Power Kit.

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