160 Watt Travel Trailer Solar Kit –> UPGRADED TO 190 WATT

The 160 watt panel has been UPGRADED to the 190 watt solar panel. That 30 extra watts! WHOA!

Go Power Travel Trailer Solar Kit
160 Watt Solar Charging Kit

This travel trailer solar kit is designed and made by Go Power. It has all the wires and brackets required for a standard travel trailer installation. Just provide your own sealant to install on your trailer.
  25 Year Warranty from Go Power

  Includes 30 Amp Digital PWM Controller

The PWM controller is great for battery charging and care.

Uses MC4 Connectors

Panel Size in 160 Watt Travel Trailer Solar Kit  58.3 x 26.5 x 1.4” — 24.5 lbs

Width: 60.00 Height: 30.00 Depth: 6.00

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