3 Volt Solar Module 50 mA

The PowerFilm MP3-37 3 Volt DC Solar Module 50 mA is a small flexible solar module that has thousands of applications. It is a great panel and is thin and flexible. Check Out our Solar Module Use And ApplicationsPage.

Solar modules are what we like to call the “blank canvas” of solar power. There are literally thousands of small devices you can power this 3 volt Solar Module with.

This 3 volt Solar Module, as well as several other Modules we carry with different voltages, is very small, about the size of a cell phone.  It is also extremely thin and flexible (see demonstration pictures below).

Please refer to the Solar Module instructions and warnings we provide at the bottom of each product page. It is important to connect the correct batteries to charge with the module properly for you safety. Your safety and education on mobile powering devices are very important to us.

With a 3 volt Solar Module, you can power so many devices. And with Outside Supply’s price of only $5.95, it’s so affordable to get a couple and start experimenting with solar power on your small devices!

This Solar Module is incredibly thin and flexible.