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  • 95 watt expansion panel with connecting brackets.

95 Watt Expansion Solar Battery Charging Kit

Go Power
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    Go Power RV 95 Watt Solar Expansion Kit

    MC4 Branch Connectors.
    Reliable power where and when you need it!
    Reliable and easy. This expansion kit has quick 
    connects to allow for easy connection to the 
    GP-RV-95, the main 95 watt RV Solar  Kit.
    The expansion panel lacks the large cable and 
    solar charge controller found in the main solar
    power kit. It does include brackets and install
    The more aesthetically pleasing CTI-95 Solar
    Module from Carmanah is a high-efficiency
    monocrystalline solar module that provides
    outstanding performance and cost-effective
    solar power for high-end off-grid and mobile
    applications. Carmanah's CTI-95 Solar
    Module is built to last, and features a 25-year
    limited power output warranty.
    To ensure long life, the high-efficiency solar
    cells are encapsulated between a special
    tempered, low-iron solar glass and a Tedlar®/
    polyester backing material. The mounting
    frame, manufactured from anodized marine grade
    aluminum, allows the CTI-95 to be
    installed in extreme conditions. A conduit ready
    junction box is compatible with a wide
    range of cable and conduit types.



    Compact and rugged design
    Industrial conduit-ready junction box
    Lightweight anodized aluminum frame
    High transmissivity tempered glass
    MC cable connectors included
    Security Trailers
    12/24 Volt battery systems
    Other off-grid applications



    Rated power 95 W
    Maximum power voltage 17.6 V
    Maximum power current 5.45 A
    Open circuit voltage 21.5 V
    Short circuit current 5.66 A
    Voltage coefficient  60.8 mV / C
    Power coefficient 0.38% / C
    Module efficiency 17.4%
    Series fuse rating 10 A
    Weight 16.3 lb (7.4 kg)
    Dimensions 40.8 x 20.8 x 1.4 inches
    (1037 x 527 x 35 mm)
    Frame type / material Black anodized aluminum frame
    Solar Cells: High-efficiency monocrystalline cells, 32 cells in series
    Masimum power tolerance: +/- 5%
    Power Specifications calculated at:
    Irradiance: 1000 W/m2
    Cell Temperature:

    RV Solar Kit Details

    expansion kit

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    25 year warranty

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