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Eight steps to get you RV ready to sell in 2023, Time to Get Going

Eight steps to get you RV ready to sell in 2023, Time to Get Going

You say you are ready to sell your RV in 2023, well time to get going because spring is almost here.

8 steps to sell your RV in 2023

You say you are ready to sell your RV in 2023, well time to get going because spring is almost here. Time to make your plan to sell your RV quickly and for a good price.

These eight steps will get your RV ready and up for sale when the spring market is getting going. Spring is the best time to sell RVs as people are out and about looking for a new rig to take out on the road.

  • Make a plan to sell your RV. This can include researching values for your year and model. Also, looking at different areas where you can list an RV for sale is helpful. Collect all manuals and books available in the RV and organize them so they appear neat, tidy, and complete. Make a base flyer to leave at stores and campgrounds. Have these ready for no later than March 2023.

  • Time to get the RV cleaned and looking great. Start by cleaning the RV on the inside first. Wash the windows, and clean the cabinets, bathroom, carpets, upholstery, and appliances. Wash and dry all linens included with the RV. You should deep clean the interior to an immaculate standard. This means no dust, dirt, or grime anywhere in the RV. Your unit should look as close to new as possible.

  • Make any required repairs and or maintenance. Fixing damaged equipment is key to fast sales as RV buyers will take a very close look at all the equipment. Check all locks to make sure they operate properly.

  • Take the time to charge all batteries and fill all the RV’s consumable fluid tanks. Take time to replace the unit’s air conditioning filter with a new one. If equipped, replace your RV’s water filter. Certainly empty black water and gray water tanks. This is important because nobody wants someone else’s S#!&. (I am still mad 20 years later for finding full tanks in a used RV I purchased.

  • Time to clean the outside of the RV and get it looking its best. Detailing all the tires, windows, and exposed plastic will make it look great. When applicable, wax your RV to a bright shiny finish that looks great. Remove any bugs on windshields or body parts.

  • Stage the interior of the RV to look great. When you walk in, you want the interior to say fun and cozy. People are interested in the dream, not the drab. Once you have it staged, take high-quality pics of the RV. Make sure you get as many close-ups of every area of the RV. Pictures can help get potential buyers to come and see your RV. Show off high-end and sought-after features in your unit.

  • You have already done price research. Make a couple more queries to check the value of your model. Check the sites where you intend on listing to determine how the competitor RVs are priced. This will help you lock in the starting price so you can get the RV listed at the end of February. List the RV in the markets you found, and also begin to pass out flyers.

  • Selling your RV is about people and their decisions based on quality, features, and price. Make sure you have a clear way to contact you, and remember you are dealing with the public. Keep your wits about you when meeting others, and find a safe, neutral place to meet if possible. The police station in our city allows residents to handle transactions in their parking lot, so all people feel comfortable.

Good luck with selling your RV in 2023. Spring is almost here, so start planning. If you are interested, check out our 3 things not to do before trying to sell your RV.

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