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3 Tips to Organize Your RV

3 Tips to Organize Your RV

Organize your RV in 2023 to get one goal checked off!

organize your rv

Organizing the space in your RV can be challenging. You often want a lot of things in an itty bitty living space. No worries, here are some fantastic tips to keep your RV clutter-free.

Tip 1 - Add some Vertical Wall Storage:

Many times, the walls in your RV are a great place to put any items that will slide all over your RV when traveling.

  • You can use a magnetic board to hang an assortment of spices and salts in the kitchen.

  • Often there is space to hang wire wall baskets. These are great for coffee, fruit, snacks, or other frequently used items.

  • The space by the RV door is a great spot to put a wall shoe caddy. No more shoes being kicked all over the place.

Tip 2 - Optimize with Hanging Storage:

This is crucial for getting more storage in cramped places.

  • In the bedroom, utilizing hanging closet storage will allow you to store more clothes and accessories neatly.

  • Over-the-door storage in the bathroom is a great way to keep everything within reach. Perfect for brushes, toothpaste, lotions, hairdryer, wash clothes, and any other items you may need.

Tip 3 - Hide stuff with Under Cabinet Storage:

This is especially useful in the kitchen and bathroom.

  • Clear stacking bins keep cleaning supplies nice and tidy.

  • Metal shelving units that slide are another way to store those under the sink items.

Organizing your RV doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Implementing these simple tricks will make your RV feel roomier and more inviting.

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