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Cabin Solar Kits

We have sold tons of products to many cabin and cottage owners. Off grid solar cabin owners are a creative group of free thinkers. They have been a pleasure to sell and suggest Cabin Solar Kits for all these years. in this guide I hope to share some information on solar setups for cabins.

Our Cabin Solar Kits contain many of the following solar charging items:

  • Cabin Solar Kit Instructions
  • Cabin Solar Kit Panels
  • Basic Solar Brackets for Mounting on Cabin
  • Wire for standard Cabin Solar Install
  • Charge controller for managing Cabin Solar Kit

Most example in our solar guide for cabins will focus on cabins without other power sources other than their Solar Cabin Kit. There will be one example for a cabin with generator for additional power when the sun is not out or the load has temporarily gone above the production of the solar kits. Often when a secondary power source is needed, cabin owners will call Outside Supply to increase their cabin solar system by adding another Cabin Solar Kit to their existing solar kits.

Read more at our Cabin Solar Guide

A selection of solar kits and panels for use on remote off grid cabins.
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  • 95 Watt Solar Kit.
    CABIN RETREAT / GP-RV-95 The Go Power!™ Cabin Retreat Solar Kit (GP-RV-95) features 95 watts and 5.45 amps of charge power. It's great for off grid camping and long term stays in your cabin. This is our most...
  • 160 Watt Cabin Solar Kit
    160 Watt Solar Charging Kit for Cabins and Solar Cabins This cabin solar kit is designed for off grid cabins that need solar battery charging. These kits will include enough properly sized cable for a 25 ft distance for...
  • Cabin 190 Watt Solar Kit offers 2 of the most efficiently sized 95 watt panels on the market.
    This is an amazing Solar Kit for Cabins with 2 95 Watt Solar Panels By Go Power.  11 Amps of Solar Power!  25 amp digital solar regulator 16.3 lbs 40.8" x 20.8" x 1.8" All wiring and mounting hardwire included...
  • 320 Watt Cabin Solar Kit is great for powering your cabin with 2 - 160 Watt Panels!
    The 320 Watt Solar Kit by Go Power is a new and exciting kit for Cabins. It consists of 2 - 160 Watt Solar Panels and a 30 amp digital PWM Charge Controller.  Solar Panel Size - 160 Watt Cabin Solar Kit  58.3 x 26...
  • Cabin 80 Watt Battery Charging Solar Kit is perfect for smaller cabins.
    The CABIN Go Power!™ Urban Camper Solar Kit (GP-RV-80) features 80 watts and 4.6 amps of charge power and is our most popular starter kit. Learn how to choose a solar kit, select an Expansion Kit for...
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