Class A RV Solar Cheat Sheet

The new standard for Class A RVs is 570 watts of solar to 1140 Watts 6-panel system. You will be faced with a choice between flexible or rigid solar panels. For a Class A RV we
almost always recommend Rigid panels for warranty and durability, but there are a few exceptions. Call us at 1-866-574-4983 for help choosing the right panels for your RV.

Class A RV Solar cheat sheet

Give us a call at 1-866-574-4983 for more help getting the solar gear you need to take your RV off-grid

A selection of pre wired solar kits

Join us for upcoming webinar on designing the perfect off grid RV solar power system.

More Information on Panels from our RV solar guide

A selection of articles that may be helpful when building and installing a solar system in your solar ready RV.

Conversion Van Solar Kits

We know what its like to convert your van into an exciting vehicle for road trips and dry camping. Our conversion van solar kits are designed just …
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