Class B Solar Kits

Get outside and offgrid.

We love meeting people who have converted their vehicles into all out RV/ Camper style fun mobiles. We enjoy setting these units up for solar power battery charging. Even if you don’t have enough roof space, you can get away with a portable kit so easily! These awesome solar kits can charge up to 120 Watts at a time, and can even tie into your existing solar panel on the roof. You can park in the shade and put your portable kit in the sun while you’re relaxing or fishing. These awesome panels have helped our customers solve so many issues when it comes to not relying on a generator or an electrical power system. The other day while shooting a fishing video in the bay I talked to a guy running a service truck on his generator. I told him a way to get away from gas, by using solar and a power inverter. He liked the idea and said he would let us set his service truck up.   

We enjoy working with products we care about because we have used and helped people solve off-grid power issues for a decade. We understand what it’s like to wanna get outside and away from it all. That’s what we’re about. Just some folks selling the best solar kits on the market for our customers. Let us show you how an 80 or 120 Watt Portable kit will help you charge your vehicle’s batteries. With solar, you’ll never run out of power as long as the sun is shining.

A selection of solar kits for all campervans and RVs

It is important to check your available roof space before purchasing a panel kit.

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