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Cpap Machine Power Inverter

Cpap Machine Power Inverter

What kind of Power Inverter should I use with my CPAP Machine ?

Updated August 2023: RVCoastalCrew

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of calls about running CPAP machines off power inverters when camping or other times when grid power is not available. To run these CPAP units off-grid a power inverter is often required. I often recommend customers look at the 300-watt pure sine wave power inverter. This Go Power Unit has plenty of power for most CPAP units and is reliable with a 2-year warranty.

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines are vital for individuals with sleep apnea, ensuring they breathe consistently throughout the night. The energy consumption of a CPAP machine varies based on its make, model, and features. On average, a standard CPAP machine without a heated humidifier draws about 30-60 watts per hour. If equipped with a heated humidifier or heated tube, the energy draw can increase, ranging from 50 to 110 watts per hour. Therefore, for an 8-hour sleep, a machine could consume anywhere from 240 to 880 watt-hours, depending on its settings and features. When considering using a CPAP machine off-grid, such as in an RV or while camping, it’s crucial to account for this energy draw, ensuring you have adequate power sources or battery backup to sustain its operation throughout the night.


Since I wrote this article in 2014 I have been scout camping a lot with my kids. My CPAP machine would run great on a power inverter, but it would use a lot of power over a week. I ordered a 12-volt cable for my CPAP and reduce my power usage by 50%. This won’t help me sell power inverters, but it may help you. Some people will still prefer to have a power inverter in their RV for off-grid solar camping.

We have some great specials right now to run these CPAPs at night from an RV battery. Call us today at (We No Longer Take Phone Calls) to get one for your sleep machine today. You want to know that your inverter will last all night for years to come while you’re needing it! Outside Supply only sells premium inverters for this and a variety of RV and off-grid applications. 

3 top power inverters from Go Power may be right for you too!

Go Power! makes high quality Sine Inverter Chargers and regular sine wave models as well. Sometimes all you need is the inverter, please check out the wattage for the right size for you.
3000 Watt Go Power Inverter
3000 Watt Go Power Sine Inverter

This Go Power Sine Wave power inverter is ready to power most of your 30 amp loads. It is ready to turn 12 volt DC into 120 VAC. Hard Wire Only.

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2000 Watt Go Power Sine Inverter
2000 Watt Go Power Sine Inverter

2000 Watt sine wave power inverter with a GFCI outlet on the front made by Go Power!

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2000 Watt Go Power Sine Inverter
1500 Watt Go Power Inverter

1500 Watts of clean pur power that has a GFCI and a great manufacturer, Go Power!

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Just a personal tip from someone who uses a CPAP machines. Keep you machine clean especially after camping. Lots of dust and humidity issues can show up after time in the great outdoors.

The Importance of Keeping Your CPAP Clean According to Manufacturer’s Instructions

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines have revolutionized the lives of countless individuals with sleep apnea, offering them a chance at undisturbed sleep and improved overall health. However, to continue benefiting from this therapy, it’s crucial to keep your CPAP equipment clean and well-maintained.

Why Adhere to Manufacturer’s Instructions?

  1. Safety and Health: Unclean CPAP equipment can harbor bacteria, molds, and allergens. Breathing through contaminated equipment can lead to respiratory infections, sinus issues, or even pneumonia. Adhering to the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines ensures that all parts are sanitized correctly, providing you with clean air throughout your therapy.

  2. Optimal Performance: Over time, residues from oils, dead skin, and other debris can accumulate in your CPAP machine. Without proper cleaning, this build-up can affect the machine’s performance, potentially compromising the therapeutic pressure and the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

  3. Prolonged Lifespan: Regularly cleaning and maintaining your CPAP equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions can also extend the lifespan of your machine and accessories. This not only saves money in the long run but ensures that you get consistent and effective treatment.

  4. Comfort: A clean CPAP machine functions better and offers a more comfortable experience. A clean mask and hose prevent skin irritations and provide a better seal, ensuring optimal therapy.

In Conclusion

Your CPAP machine is a significant investment in your health, and taking the time to maintain it properly is essential. It’s not just about following any cleaning method but adhering strictly to the manufacturer’s recommended procedures. This ensures safety, optimal performance, and a prolonged lifespan for your device. So, make it a habit to consult your manufacturer’s manual and clean your CPAP machine as suggested. Your health and sleep quality will thank you for it! If in doubt call the manufacturer of your CPAP and determine how to clean properly.

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