Crawfish at the Camp Site

One of my favorite parts of camping in Louisiana and Mississippi is the spontaneous crawfish boils that happen at the campsite. Most larger RV’s in this area always include bringing a crawfish pot and burner on their list of must-haves when going camping. You may never know when you are going to need a large pot to feed a group of friends.

A crawfish boil starts with a lot of seasonings, fruits, and vegetables. The chef or artist cooking the crawfish will bring their own flair to the pot. Some like them salty and others like them hot. It is amazing how many people will join you for an old fashioned crawfish boil.

 Here are a couple pointers of having a crawfish boil at your campsite:

  • Make sure with your camp host that seafood boils are allowed.
  • Check the level of your propane tank.
  • Have a large container or ice chest to purge the crawfish.
  • Make sure pot, paddle, strainer basket, and burner are ready to go.
  • Find or catch a sack or two of crawfish. (Depends on Number of People)
  • Have heavy duty garbage bags, tape, and old newspapers to wrap table.
  • Clean up your campsite completely before leaving including washing down your camp table and boiling area.
  • Check with the camp host for directions and allowed locations for dumping boiling liquid.
  • Throw trash and crawfish peelings in a heavy duty garbage bag. Seal up bag with tape and dispose of in main campground dumpster.

Having a crawfish boil will surely help you kick off your camping trip. Just remember to keep it clean for those that come after you.

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