Don’t Go Camping Without Power

We write many articles about making your outdoor journey more fun and enjoyable. Articles covering outdoor cooking to trip planning. On our trips, I can’t tell you the number of times people have been amazed at how we remain connected with the world, even in the great outdoors. We do go camping to get away from it all, yet we still have rainy days an I still enjoy rubbing my travels in all my friends faces with constant emails and pictures posted to my Facebook account. Our rainy days scream board games and close with Family Movie night. Our solar charging kit and power inverter setup gets these done even in the middle of Nowhere! From camper lighting to making coffee in the morning, we avoid the generator as much as possible.

Using Solar Power Panels is not a new concept, but seems to be very popular these days. RVers and Boaters were two groups to embrace these alternative technologies very early. For decades Boats and RVs have been equipped with a variety of solar panels that would allow remote power. The ability to be free; free of noise, free of office chairs, and free of the ever tugging power cord has allowed lifestyle choices like boondocking and cruising. With modern advancements in RV solar panels, the panels have gotten smaller and more powerful. Our 95 Watt Solar kit is a perfect example of these high-efficiency solar panels. For RV solar info check out our RV Solar Guide.

Sine wave power inverters are the standard for almost every application today. Modified sine inverters are done. They are getting cheaper and more antiquated every year. Sine wave Inverters are coming down in price and getting better and better every year. We recommend one power inverter to most consumers and mobile office users. The Go Power 300 watt sine wave power inverter is durable, strong, clean, and reliable. It will produce reliable 120 Volt AC power from a 12 volt power source. For more inverter information check out our Power Inverter Guide.

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