Exeltech XP Series

Exeltech Power Inverters

Are you looking for high reliability power inverters or rack mountable power inverters with different wattages and DC input voltages? Are you having a heck of a time trying to find them? Look no further, for we have you covered.

Outside Supply proudly presents a new line of Exeltech power inverters, the XP Series. These true sine wave inverters are a bit smaller and more lightweight, but indeed rugged enough to handle any mobile power project. These Exeltech XP inverters are made inAmerica. They are very reliable, and Exeltech stands behind their product with excellent service.

We now carry the Exeltech XP pure sine wave inverters from 125 to 1100 watts, and 12 to 120 volts DC input.


    • XP 125 – 125 watt sine wave power inverter
    • XP 250 – 250 watt sine wave power inverter
    • XP 600 – 600 watt sine wave power inverter
    • XP 1110 – 1100 watt sine wave power inverter



These power inverters are available with input voltages of 12, 24, 32, 48, 66 and 120 Vdc.

All inverters have an optional rack mount. Remote switching is available. Other options like conformal coding, specialized frequencies like 400 Hz and 19” and 23” rack mount plates are also available.