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Go Power 300 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12v W Gfci

Go Power 300 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12v W Gfci

300 Watt Sine Wave Power Inverter – 12 Volt – GFCI – Go Power

This inverter may or may not be available any more.

12 Volt 300 Watt True Sine Wave Power Inverter with GF CI and Anderson Quick DC Connection. Reliable operation and a very heavy duty product built for demanding applications like mobile offices and laptop computers.

  • 300 Watts Continuous
  • 450 Watts Surge
  • True Sine Wave Form

Great clean power is supplied from this DC to AC power Inverter. High End GP 300 Pure Sine Wave Inverter with GFCI. This GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) outlet provides safety type outlet that is often found in bathrooms and kitchens.

This is our staple power inverter for most small applications. We sell this inverter because it is heavy duty and reliable. It weighs in at about 11 pounds. That weight is from the amount of components required tom make a quality 300 watt power inverter. We have looked at many of the competitors 300 watt inverters on the market and we found that most are about 3 to 4 pounds in weight. We have put some of these inverters on our test bench and found several labeled as sine wave were not true actual sine wave. We also had one particular brand fail on us on the test bench. (Sorry Not Mentioning Names) You won’t have any quality or Waveform issues with the Go Power Sine Wave Power inverters.

300 watts of Continuous Pure Sine Wave AC Power from 12 Volt DC Power Source. This is enough power to run most mobile office setups, TVs, and Entertainment systems.

The ultimate choice for appliances that demand a clean, pure source of AC power. With Sine Wave power, your audio, video and electronic equipment will run without buzzing or humming.

For smaller loads under 300 watts, the GP Sine Wave 300 is perfect. Good for small loads that need the clean power of sine wave.

Remote Power Port On Sine Wave Inverter

The Remote Port on this power inverter is the Green Connection located on the Inverter’s front face. Also note that the power Switch allows the inverter to be switched to ON or OFF or REMOTE POWER

This is the ideal sine wave power inverter for the following applications:This is a picture of the DC quick connection being used plugged in on the back of this power inverter.

  • Televisions

  • Satellite Systems

  • LCD TVs

  • LED TVs

  • Many Plasma TVs

  • Laptops

  • Most Small Load Power Equipment

  • Model No. GP-SW300-12

  • Continuous Output Power 300 Watts

  • Surge Rating 450 Watts

  • Output Waveform Sine Wave <3% THD

  • Output Voltage 3% 115 VAC RMS

  • Output Frequency 0.05% 50 / 60 Hz adjustable

  • Input Voltage 10.5-15 VDC

  • Efficiency 80 – 90%

  • No Load Current Draw / Powersave 0.26 A

  • Protection Overload, Short Circuit, Reverse

  • Over/Under Voltage, Over

  • Low Battery Alarm 2% 10.5 V

  • Low Battery Shut-Down 2% 10.0 V

  • Operating Temperature Range 0 – 40C / 32F -104

  • Storage Temperature Range -30C – 70C / -22F – 158 F

  • Cooling Thermostatically ControlledAC Receptacle Dual GFCI

  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
    mm 237 x 155 x 72
    inches 9.3 x 6.1 x 2.8

  • Weight kg / lbs 4.5 / 10

  • Warranty 2 Years

Additional Information On This Power Inverter Information on 300 Watt Sine Wave Power Inverter SPECIAL NOTE ON THIS POWER INVERTER: This inverter also has a nice green remote port. It allows the inverter to be put into a remote switch mode. Once you put this power inverter in remote mode it can then be switched using any normal ON/OFF switch. This is a great feature for off grid installations since the whole power inverter can be shut off with one switch. Have more questions? Check Out Our Power inverter technical support Page

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