Lithium RV Battery Go Power Sun Cycle 100AH 12 Volt LiFePO4

New 100 AH 12 volt lithium RV battery from Go Power is designed for improving the quality of RV house battery banks. Adding lithium batteries gives longer lasting battery life with more linear charge and drain profiles. You might need to upgrade your Converter and Solar Controllers to add the batteries to your house bank. It is best to only use batteries of the same type and age when building your battery system.

New lithium battery is compatible with all Go Power! solar, power inverters
and with the new lithium charge controllers.

• Max Power Capacity; carries almost double the usable power of regular batteries
• Lightweight only 36 pounds
• Quick charging
• It has Over and under-voltage protection
• Charge and discharge over current protection
• Short circuit protection
• Drop-in replacement for Lead Acid or AGM batteries

Suncycle Model #: GP-LiFePO4-100

Suitable for 12 volt applications only. Do not wire in series.

Go further off-the-grid with the new Go Power! 100ah Lithium Iron Phosphate solar battery. Built specifically for mobile applications, this deep cycle battery is ideal for use in an RV. This 100-amp hour battery is a drop-in replacement for Class 31 Lead-Acid.

Product Overview

  • RV Lithium battery designed for 12-volt operation in RV house battery banks
  • Compatible with all Go Power! solar, inverters and charge controllers
  • Max Power Capacity; carries almost double the power of regular batteries
  • Lightweight
  • Quick charging
  • Built-in Battery Management System (BMS)
    • Over and under-voltage protection
    • Also Over and under temperature protection
    • Charge and discharge over current protection
    • Short circuit protection
  • Drop-in replacement for Group 31 Lead Acid or AGM batteries
  • 10-year warranty

Safety Features

Go Power! Lithium batteries feature a built-in Battery Management System (or, BMS) which ensures the safety and long battery life by constantly monitoring battery performance, internal temperature, and other critical elements required in safely functioning battery. Also these batteries feature several safety components in the BMS, which Include:

  • Over and under-voltage protection, which disconnects the battery from the load or charger, to prevent damage if it occurs
  • It has Over and under temperature protection, which also disconnects from the load if the temperature limits are exceeded
  • Charge and discharge over current protection, which automatically balances the voltages during recharge cycles to bring all the battery cells to full charge at the same time, ensuring longer battery life.
  • Short circuit protection, which open circuits the battery terminals if a short is detected


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