Go Power Unbreakable 20 Watt Solar Panel

This product has been discontinued. Please see flexible solar options or call 1-866-574-4983 for more information.

Nearly Unbreakable Solar

Unlike permanent solar options installed on boats, DURAlite Solar Chargers can be put out in the sun to charge a battery and then stored for later use. DURAlite 20 watt solar modules are made from a laminate of fiberglass and sunlight-resistant polyester film and are virtually unbreakable. These rugged solar solutions are great for items like laptops, video cameras, cell phones, and VHF radios. 

Go Power! DURAlite Blue Series are easy to mount to any flat surface, with grommets in each corner. Complete with built-in blocking diode and 10-foot UV-rated cable with a 12-volt automobile-style socket plug.

This solar  panel needs a charge controller to keep from overcharging your battery!

GPDL20  20 Watts 1.2 Amps

15 Volts  19.6 VOC

62.2 x 50.8 cm 24.5″ x 20″

New flexible solar options are available.

Learn more about installing solar on your RV

Easy to add to most marine or RV based applications.

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