Inverter for Mobile Office Q&A

Power Inverter for Mobile Office


Question :

 I’m in process of equipping a car w/ remote office capabilities, meaning; I should be able to have my office phone and laptop etc. working w/ full convenience.
My question to you is how can you make my life in my mobile office easier , do you have fair priced batteries which will charge in the car and run while the car is off for long periods? Any solar help too?
Also since I’ll be using a phone which needs 12v of power, isn’t there a better way to get 12v power directly w/o converting it to AC & back to 12v?
Mobile office are quite common now. Many people have switched from conventional desk time in a building to parking and working in their vehicle. Many times for smaller loads the vehicle battery with the car at idle is enough, however for larger systems and extended run times without idling the engine, a second battery may be required. You power inverter will drain your start battery if it is not protected,
Here is an item for protecting your start battery from drain while allowing house battery to charge:
Also you may consider adding a solar panel to your vehicle. the following example is for camping but could also work for mobile office applications.
This 95 watt solar kit is always a good choice when looking for solar for mobile office applications.
In the end a good power inverter