Lance RV Solar Panel Install

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Go POwer 30 Amp PWN Solar Controller
His controller is reading 10.3 Amps of Solar Power!

RV solar panel install by an Outside Supply Customer:
I had a customer call who had just bought a Lance Truck Camper and they wanted to power it from solar. He had a great idea of installing the solar on a roof rack, which is great! This was nice because he has access to tie them together and work on them easily. It even helped reduce shading from the AC unit. 

Solar panels installed on Lance truck camper roof rack.
Installing panels on a Lance camper.

Another happy customer of Outside Supply! You too can be a happy customer. Give us a call and let us size a perfect-for-you solar system.

Learn more about laying out panels on your RV roof from one of our knowledgeable staff members.

A selection of pre wired solar kits

Join us for upcoming webinar on designing the perfect off grid RV solar power system.

More Information on Panels from our RV solar guide

A selection of articles that may be helpful when building and installing a solar system in your solar ready RV.

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