Power inverter Installation FAQ

Power Inverter Installation

Do I need to fuse the DC power cables on my power inverter?
Yes. you should always fuse the DC cables on your power inverter. Always follow your inverter installation manual. This manual has the proper fuse for installing your power inverter in the proper manner.

This fuse can save you lots of issues if there is an equipment or wiring problem. We carry a full line of power inverter installation kits and fuses.

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Can I use smaller cables on my power inverter install?
No, as a general rule. Use the proper size cables suggested in your power inverter installation menu. This insures the cables are able to handle proper amperage needed by your power inverter.
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How long are your install kits cables?
Our install kits have 10 feet of welding grade cable in them. They are high qulaity and professionally crimped. Size of cable varies based on install kit.
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