RV Grade Solar Panels Versus Residential Panels

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We are constantly talking to customers who are concerned that the RV solar panels they’re purchasing are not warrantied for RV use. A lot of companies try to sell solar panels as RV grade panels but when you look closely at the fine print you see that it says ‘not for use on mobile, RV and marine applications’. Many companies pick up panels and put a solar charge controller with cheap brackets on it and sell it as a kit, and when customers need a warranty claim done they realize they’ve thrown away their investment. We don’t want this to happen to anyone! That’s why we sell the highest grade off grid solar panels and offer pre sales support and installation help.  

A pair of 190 watt solar panels on fifth wheel camper.
Solar panels installed on RV

We offer the highest quality RV products by Go Power! We are excited to offer these amazing panels at a great price for our customers. We believe in carrying the best products possible. Go Power has a nice line of 100 to 190 Watt Solar Panels that give you the highest efficiency solar kits available. We also offer portable kits so you can park in the shade while powering in the sun. They even make trickle chargers and low wattage panels for small setups. We have spent a decade working with and selling these amazing products, and we’re glad to present them to the public. Let us know what we can do for you.

A selection of pre wired solar kits

Join us for upcoming webinar on designing the perfect off grid RV solar power system.

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