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Welcome to the RV Solar Calculator! Our customer’s unique systems are important to us at Outside Supply. That’s why we have a simple formula for calculating your daily wattage in your RV or travel trailer that will help to size the proper solar kit for you. We always recommend giving us a call to discuss your specific setup and if you have any additional questions we’re available, even on weekends! (We No Longer Take Phone Calls).

Go Power also offers a RV Solar Calculator. Click here to find out more.

Watts Used Per Hour X Hours of Days Used = Watts Used Per Day

Solar Watts Needed / Hours of Sunlight = Solar Wattage Needed 


For Example: 300 Watts Per Hour X 5 hours of RV use = 1500 Watts of RV Use Per Day

1500 Solar Watts Needed / 5 Hours of Sunlight = 300 Watts of Solar Needed

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A selection of pre wired solar kits

Still, need help with getting the right solar kit for your RV?

If you still have questions about adding solar to your camper trailer, motorhome or fifth wheel, give us a call at (We No Longer Take Phone Calls) or request a quote below.

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