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Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

Securely mounting your RV solar panels is very important

Solar panel mounting brackets are often overlooked as an essential part of an RV solar kit, but with them, your panels stay securely mounted on the roof. These are simple brackets that fall into a few categories. These RV solar panel brackets are:

Solar panel mounting brackets for RVs are a key fastener

Standard low profile RV solar mounting brackets - these brackets are simple pieces of metal bent in a “Z” or “L” shape and attached to the RV solar panel with bolts and typically with screws to the RV roof. Different manufacturers offer different forms and mounting points. The key is a secure connection that directly ties your panels to the RV in a watertight manner. The key is a rigid install able to handle the wind as your RV goes down the road.

A selection of mounting brackets

RV solar panel bracket set from Renogy

Large pack of solar panel brackets

Tilting solar mounting brackets for RV roofs - these brackets allow the panels to be securely mounted to the RV while allowing the solar panels to be inclined to increase solar production during certain times of the year and at certain latitudes. Tilting solar panels can be done by either manually tilting or electrically tilting the panels. Always remember to lay down your solar panels before moving. Choose the proper bracket for your panels, and always use enough appropriately placed and secured brackets to make a rigid and reliable connection from the RV to the solar panel.

A selection of RV solar tilt mounts

Tilt mount for solar panel

Adjustable Solar Panel Mount Mounting Rack Bracket Set Rack Folding Tilt Leg