Security Trailer Solar Guide


Solar Powered Security Trailers and Containers
More and more companies are adding solar powered video and monitoring to their jobsite trailers, storage containers, remote yards, and other off grid areas.

The more solar panels that are installed in a system the more equipment you can run from the remote location. 

This can include several of the following items:
Cellular Backup
Cellular Routers
Video Units
Video Recorders
Gate Access
Fixed Cellular Terminals

Many people find it hard or impossible to run the following items on solar powered systems:
Air Conditioners
Electric Heaters
Electric Stoves
Electric Items with Very High Loads
Electric Items with Medium Loads and Continuous Run Times

This is because the solar has to store or produce power for running items. A large solar array would be required to run even a  small air conditioner during the day. However smaller loads can be done. Many applications have certain run times that are required per day. A solar monitoring trailer may only be used for a few hours per day.

A solar powered office may also be used for a few hours a day, but loads switch from telemetry and SCADA gear to copier, computer, fan, and lighting.

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