Solar Module Use And Applications

Solar Module Uses and Applications

OEM Solar modules are thin film solar panels that are much more compact and lightweight than most. The solar modules come in 3 volts DC to 15 volts DC. We have so many options for voltage, as the modules come in 3, 1.6, 4.2, 7.2 and 15 volts just to name a few. Most of the solar modules we carry are small, lightweight and weather resistant. 
Some people who find these modules great are backpackers, inventors, science fair winners, tinkerers, fishermen, small electronic manufacturers, robot builders, engineers the list goes on. Almost anyone can find a practical use for these products in low wattage applications. 
RC solar airplanes, RC solar cars, small light bulbs, solar calculators, solar projects, solar inventions, solar dogs, solar cats, solar brooms… There are literally thousands of applications for a solar module!
Think of these modules as the blank canvas of solar energy projects. If you’re got a solar shoe shiner or a solar back scratcher idea up your sleeve, one of these low wattage modules would certainly do the trick. Order one of these puppies from, and you’re one step away from that Nobel Prize. 
 One of our more powerful solar modules is this 15 Volt ThinFilm Solar Module 50 mA. It is 10x3 inches and just 24 millimeters thick. Yet another one of these flexible, lightweight weather resistant solar modules, this 15 volt panel is $26.95.
For larger more heavy duty projects, please visit some of our different solar product pages:
Be sure and read the OEM installation guides and warnings we provide on each product’s page. It is VERY important not to connect a battery backwards on the solar module as it will destroy the panel and possibly hurt you badly.