Solar Panel Efficiency Increased: The same footprint is now 190 Watts

Go Power’s solar panel efficiency increased! They have released their new 190 Watt solar module which updates their 170 watt module, which updated their 160 watt module. The same footprint of panel now gives you an extra 30 watts of power.

New more efficient 190 watt solar panel.

This panel is being used in many of their RV solar kits, thus every kit using this panel will now provide more power for individuals in their RV, Boat or Cabin. In the end, this panel will now allow a user to run their fans, lights, computer etc. that much longer per day.

The new panel is rated at 9.3 Amps and is 26.30″ X 59.06″ or 668mm X 1500mm in physical size. This will use the same layout guide as before.


190 Watt Solar Module Specification Sheet

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