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Solar Panel Dimensions

As of July 27, 2020 these are the specifications for the majority of the solar panels we carry in our RV solar kits. These panels vary in panel type, output wattage and cell type. Flexible Solar Panels This is the panel found in the Flexible 100 Watt Solar Kit. It a 100 watt flexible Go Power Module. This solar panel is in the 55 Watt Flex Solar Kit. It produces 2.

Information About Go Power RV Solar Kits

Go Power RV Solar Kits Info Page RV Solar Kits are what drives our business at Outside Supply. From day one we made it our mission to find and sell the highest quality RV grade solar products available. Go Power solar panels and inverters are a high caliber product! We’ve enjoyed a decade of using and selling Go Power solar kits. We’ve never had a solar module returned and we never will.

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Generator With Your RV Solar

A List of 5 Reasons To Get A Generator To Go With Your RV Solar System Generators are great at supplementing power when boondocking in your RV. Looking to go off-grid camping or at least use your RV solar system more to produce power. Here are five reasons when to get a generator with your RV Solar system for boondocking. While these are not the only reasons to purchase a generator, they do encompass many of the common request we field from customers.

Teardrop Page

Camping in a Teardrop Teardrop Camper by Yoder Toter Teardrop campers are the original RV. This is a super fun way to travel the country with a simple rig that can be pulled by most vehicles due to the light nature of the camper. These campers are ripe for solar because there are less electrical devices that need to be run. There are a few solar options for teardrop campers:

Modified Sine Burned Up Coffee Pots

Modified Sine Wave Inverter Will Burned Up Coffee Pots Week after week, Denise fought with different coffee pots burning up in her Semi Truck. It seemed like they all failed in about 1 weeks time.After her cheap modified sine wave inverter burned up one lucky day, she called me to help with replacing it. She explained her frustrations with the broken inverter and other issues in her truck. She had been told by lots of truckers that she didn’t need a true sine power inverter.

Sizing RV Battery Bank

SIZING RV BATTERY BANK Choosing a battery bank size for your RV is crucial in having enough power to go off-grid camping. The first thing to consider when you are sizing RV battery bank is to determine how much space and weight carrying capacity you have available. Most battery types are heavy and take up a decent amount of room. Extra weight in your RV may require the need to be balance loads in your trailer or motorhome.

Mppt Solar Controllers

MPPT Solar Controllers extend charging time Having an MPPT solar controller can extend the charging time available from your solar array. Time to add more panels or look for a more power controller capable of hanadling series and series parallel wiring? Go Power's MPPT controller might be the one for you. [Go Power MPPT 60]( This controller has been the workhorse of many RV solar arrays. For larger arrays it offers great power and fleability.

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Portable Solar Kits
Portable Solar Kits

Portable Solar Kits Go Power and other manufacturers have a wide variety of solar kits available. The portable solar kits are a great addition to your RVs supply kit whether you are adding extra solar to your roof mounted array or just want something extra to keep your battery bank topped off. Accessories for Portable Kits Extension cables Custom connectors 7 pin connector SAE Connector

Compatible 190 Watt Solar Panel for RV
Compatible 190 Watt Solar Panel for RV

What kind of 190 can I use to be compatible with other major brands A lot of customer look for panels that may be compatible with some of the major RV solar brand panels. This can be for a lot of reasons like: Out of stock Discontinued Pricing Shipping speed I had a customer looking to build an expansion kit without using the main brands panel. They were trying to match a panel with the following specs:

Fifth Wheel Camper Portable Solar Kit
Fifth Wheel Camper Portable Solar Kit

Portable kits are easy to deploy solar panels for your Fifth Wheel Camper A lot of people have been asking about these portable solar kits for their fifth wheel campers. Recently our customers have been asking about solutions for their campers, because they have no roof space due to their luggage racks. We at Outside Supply have come to the conclusion that the best choice for these fifth wheel campers that have a luggage rack on the top is a good portable solar kit.