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Teardrop Camper by Yoder Toter

Teardrop campers are the original RV. This is a super fun way to travel the country with a simple rig that can be pulled by most vehicles due to the light nature of the camper. These campers are ripe for solar because there are less electrical devices that need to be run.

There are a few solar options for teardrop campers:

Rigid Panels- You can install a custom made roof rack that the rigid solar panels can be mounted to. These panels offer the most power and the best warranty.

Flexible Panels- These solar panels are extremely durable and can be affixed right to the properly cleaned surface of the roof. The flexibility allows these panels to be placed in areas that other solar panels can not.

Portable Panels- The portable kits are great for the customer who stays in one location for a long while. The teardrop camper can stay in the shade of a tree while the solar panels can be stretched out into an area of sun and positioned for optimal charging.

Inverters- There are a couple of inverters to choose from. The wattage of the inverter will depend on the amount to electrical items that will be run. Be prepared to calculate wattage of the items that will be used.

Teardrop Camper running AC

Thinking about running AC? This just might be a possibility in a teardrop camper with the proper solar, inverter and battery bank. It also depends if the AC unit chosen is the most efficient one available. It is always best to do the math first to figure out if it is possible with your specific rig.

Call us to get your questioned answered. We like to make sure our customers have the right equipment the first time.

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