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Solar Camping Van

The story of a solar camping van. I meet a lot of nice people who buy my products. Vern Modeland is no exception, and has an interesting story I thought I’d share. An interview with Vern Modeland, the owner of this solar camping van. A retired writer and photographer, Vern is still an active traveler and philosopher. He had this really cool RV Solar Project in front of him. He wants to do quite a bit of dry camping or “boon docking” in his Class B Camper Van RV.

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Blog Building Out a Sprinter Camper Van Adding Interior Walls

Getting the walls up in a camper van build There are a lot of steps required to convert a Mercedes Sprinter Van into a working Office or RV setup. We purchased a 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Crew High Top 144″ Wheelbase model in hopes of creating a mobile travel RV / Office. This vehicle would need to accommodate a total of 4 people. This model of Sprinter Van comes with seating for 5 and a completely empty back section.

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