Tips for finding prewired solar cables in Your RV

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It can sometimes be really tricky to find the prewired solar cables in a solar-ready RV. Here are a few issues customers adding solar to their camper found:

  • Missing Charge Controller Sticker
  • Wires Missing
  • Only half wiring is done
  • Roof cable entry plate is not proper
  • No information is available on the circuit

We have written an article covering the topic of prewired solar RV issues and ways for manufacturers to solve these going forward. In this article we hope to over time increase the information available for RV owners. Feel free to share this article and also please send additional information on how you found your prewired solar setup to help another user.

Missing Charge Controller Sticker

Dealers often remove prewired stickers during dealer prep. Thinking they are helping clean up your RV during this time, they actually make it more difficult to find the proper location.

Tips to Find Missing Charge Controller Sticker

I have been able to help customers by searching for the exact model of RV on the Internet and finding units that are listed for sale. Sometimes the pictures of the units have the location of the charge controller sticker memorialized in photos.

Look for the residue left by the sticker. This can sometimes be effective when the adhesive residue has altered the finish of the wall panel in your RV. Several customers have used a flashlight to aid in this attempt.

Tips for finding missing solar wires in RV

Prewired solar cables are sometimes hard to find in the wall. Here are a few tips customers have found helpful to locate the missing solar wires and battery bank wires.

Call the manufacturer

The manufacturers are your best chance to get a clear picture of how their RV should have been delivered and how it should have been wired. Customers have called and had varied levels of success.

Look In The Wall Before Cutting

Take pictures inside of the wall using a cell phone or USB camera before cutting the template. Customer sometimes use units like this Rigid inspection unit Sometimes the template was inadvertently removed or worse installed in the wrong place. Look for wires before cutting if possible.

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