1140 Watts Go Power Solar RV Kit – AE-6

The 1140 Watts Go Power Solar RV Kit is the most powerful and easy to install solar kit available. The Solar-AE kit provides 1140 watts of solar charging power to your battery banks. Ideally for those who need to fuel their power-hungry appliances off-grid. The AE-6 (GP-SOLAR-AE-6) is designed to deliver large amounts of DC solar charging for systems with high draw loads, such as recreational vehicles, boats or off grid cottages using all electric residential refrigerators.
Specifications: Charge 12 volt, 24 volt, and 48 volt battery banks

The AE-6 is a powerful rv solar array with over a kilowatt of solar.

1140 watts of RV solar for running residential refrigerators

  • Eliminates the need for conventional battery charging because of array size
  • Great for systems with all-electric residential fridges in RVs
  • Simple installation with easy to follow instructions
  • Includes all components to complete the installation
  • 25 year solar panel warranty

Panel Size in RV Solar Kit  58.3 x 26.5 x 1.4”  24.5lbs 

Charge up to 60amps DC at 12 volts Expandable to add even more power 25 year warranty on solar panels Includes everything needed for most RV and Marine installations:

Six (6) 190 watt solar panels are included in the 1140-Watt Solar All-Electric Kit

Go Power AE-6 RV solar kit

Our largest solar kit! Ideal for larger RV’s with large power demands. The all-new Solar AE-6 allows you to charge batteries when large draws are present.  

The Solar AE-6 Kit Includes:

  • 6- 190 watt solar panels (1140 watts / 55.8 amps)
  • 2- 60 amp Go Power MPPT Pro Solar Controller (sync’d together)
  • MPPT Digital Remote Display
  • 25′ of MC4 output cable – RED (#10)
  • 25′ of MC4 output cable – BLACK (#10)
  • Mounting hardware


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