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Conversion Van Solar Kits

Conversion Van Solar Kits

spinter van with solar on roof We know what its like to convert your van into an exciting vehicle for road trips and dry camping. Our conversion van solar kits are designed just for that purpose. We have been working with people for a decade to help outfit their conversion vans for the open road. We always suggest putting as much solar as you can or need on the roof in a permanent mount first. This is the easiest most cost effective way to get solar.
However, if you don’t have any room the portable solar kits are the next best thing. We are excited about these new kits from Go Power! They are made for the adventurer that doesn’t have a lot of roof space. You can even park in the shade and pull this portable solar kit out in the sun to charge your batteries. We have state of the art solar kitsfor your roof that will also tie into these portable kits for extra amperage. Nothing better than staying powered up while you’re on the open road or off grid camping. These kits can help you keep some of the comforts of home and also save you on fuel used in a generator or on overnight lodge fees. You can virtually camp anywhere with these solar units. As long as the sun is shining, you’ll be ready for anything.

Heading out on the road with a van solar package

Recently, I spoke with my friend Russ about his concerns with driving the long mountainous roads of Colorado. He said he wanted to be able to dry camp and stay powered up on the road. I told him not to worry, because with these amazing solar power kits you can keep going without plugging up too electricity. As long as you keep the batteries charged you won’t have any issues! These kits put out an amazing 5.4 Amps! Russ was very happy with his solar kit.

This is a great entry levelf Go Power's Inverter Charger Kit. They offer the Elite and Extreme kits. These have different amounts of solar and also different size Inverter units.

The Go Power! Elite Solar Kit - IC-2000 - 380 Watts of solar

We have found these kits contain much of what you need for getting going with off-grid solar and inverter power. We have also added lithium battery and sealant as well