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200 Watt Portable Solar Kit

200 Watt Portable Solar Kit

Go Power Portable Solar Kit : 200 WATT

200 watt portable solar kit by go power The Go Power 200 watt portable solar kit packs a big punch in a little small space. Made in the same great quality that Go Power is known for, this panel is ideal for the customer who doesn’t want a permanently mounted panel on the roof of their RV or is unable to due to lack of space available. The PSK 200 can be set as far at 30 feet away from the RV using the quick connect extension cables. This portable solar kit comes with the charge controller, clamps, plug adapters, connectors and storage case needed for operation. The 30 foot extension cable is optional, but most convenient. This easy to carry kit is perfect for the weekend camper. It’s important to note that the 200 watt portable solar kit, as with all Go Power portable kits, is NOT weatherproof. It should not be left out overnight, unattended, or in bad weather.

Items included in the 200 Watt PSK:

  • 30 amp, single bank, charge controller
  • Battery clamps
  • Quick connectors
  • Ring terminal connectors
  • SAE solar plug adapter
  • XLR-style solar plug adapter
  • 12′ of UV 12/2 cable
  • Heavy-duty, nylon storage case

Optional Accessories:

30 Foot Extension Cable
7 Pin Connector

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