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380 Watt RV Solar Kit

380 Watt RV Solar Kit

380 Watt Rv Solar Kit

The 380 Watt RV Solar Kit is perfect for the smaller rig such as a van, Class B, truck camper, pop-up, or small travel trailer. This array offers up to 18 amps of battery charging per hour. The high quality panels are engineered for mobile applications. This permanent installation is a convenient way to go off-grid camping.

380 Watt RV Solar Kit Includes:
– 2 -190 watt solar panels
– PWM 30 Amp Bluetooth Lithium Compatible Controller
– Mounting Hardware
– Branch Connectors
– 25′ MC4 output cable (#10) : RED & BLACK


190 Watt Go Power Solar Module

This kit uses Go Power 190 watt rigid solar panels for power production. The 190-watt solar panel is roughly 27″ X 60″ and has a 25-year output warranty directly from Go Power, a trusted name in RV solar for decades. The module utilizes MC-4 connectors for easy watertight connections on the roof. It is designed and warrantied for RV use.

Solar Charge Controller

go power pwm 30 bluetooth lithium controller]

The Go Power PWM 30 Bluetooth Lithium controller can handle solar arrays up to 570 watts. Primarily for RV use, It is designed for flush panel mounting, but there is an optional knockout box available for surface mounting. To protect and properly charger your house battery bank, the controller has several different battery charging profiles including Sealed, AGM, Flooded, and Lithium. It can charge two battery banks and is our most common RV charge controller. It is UL listed and now has Bluetooth connectivity. There is also a USB port on the front of the charge controller.

Mounting Brackets

mounting brackets for go power solar panels Each panel in the kit will come with a set of mounting brackets and hardware from Go Power. These brackets are designed to connect the panel to the RV roof. There are 4 brackets per panel that connect to the aluminium frame of the rigid frame.

Solar wires and branch connectors

branch connectors for solar panels Each prewired panel kit will include the needed solar extension cable pairs and the multi-panel kits will also include the branch connector pairs for the 2nd and 3rd panels. MC-4 solar connectors are used for all roof connectors to make them watertight and quick connect.

Solar Kits to look at

Boosting RV Power with Lithium Batteries

Transitioning to lithium batteries for your RV is a game-changing decision that offers a plethora of advantages over traditional battery types. Primarily, lithium batteries boast a longer lifespan, often outlasting alternatives by several years. Their high energy density means they can store more power in a smaller space, an invaluable trait for RV setups. Another notable advantage is their deep discharge capability; unlike lead-acid batteries which shouldn’t be drained below a certain level, lithium batteries can be used more extensively without damaging their longevity. Additionally, their faster charging times and consistent voltage output ensure a reliable power supply. Weight is another crucial factor; lithium batteries are generally lighter, freeing up payload capacity. With all these benefits, integrating lithium batteries into your RV setup is a worthy investment for those looking to enhance their off-grid capability and overall efficiency.

True Sine Wave Inverters for RVs

True sine wave inverters, also known as pure sine wave inverters, are paramount for RVs seeking seamless power conversion. Unlike modified sine wave inverters, they produce electricity similar to the standard power grid. This results in a smoother, more consistent output, which is what is needed for sensitive electronics like laptops, TVs, and microwaves. By mimicking shore power, they prevent potential damage to appliances and ensure efficient operation. Though often pricier than their modified counterparts, the investment pays off in longevity and reliability. For RV enthusiasts prioritizing quality and performance, true sine wave inverters are a top choice.

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