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Solar Kit for Forest River Wildwood 171rbxl Xlite

Solar Kit for Forest River Wildwood 171rbxl Xlite


I have a Forest River Wildwood 171RBXL X-Lite and it is prewired. There is no sticker in the interior where the wires would be. Can you direct me on that? Also, it appears the top of the camper can only take a single panel, which of your packages would you recommend.

Type of RV: Forest River Wildwood 171RBXL X-Lite

Details from Forest River

The 171RBXL is a perfect lightweight option weighing in at less than 4,000lbs with a spacious rear bath. The innovative EZ Bed Lift System increases your living space, folding up for a sofa and down for a queen bed. The kitchen gives you a booth dinette, solid surface countertops, burners plus oven, and glass-fronted cabinets.

Forest River now list 200W Solar Panel w/30amp Controller as the main option.

Finding the prewire cables

Finding the cables is a question to itself. Here are a few articles to check to help you find the cables.

The solar kit for your camper must meet the following

Your camper is smaller since it is only 17 feet. So roof space will be at a premium.

These are the kits from Go Power, but only the Elite will probably fit. You really need to check your roof space before purchasing. Learn more about laying out panels at our RV Solar Panel Layout Guide

The 190 solar kit will be the most likely solar only kit for you.

Benefits of a 190-Watt Solar Kit for Small RVs

A 190-watt solar kit is an ideal solution for small RVs, providing a compact and efficient power source. Its size makes it easy to install on smaller roofs without taking up excessive space. The kit generates enough power to run essential appliances like lights, fans, and small electronics, reducing reliance on grid power or generators. With a proper battery bank, it stores excess energy for use during periods of low sunlight. The solar kit is also environmentally friendly, harnessing renewable energy to reduce carbon footprint. Overall, a 190-watt solar kit offers a sustainable and cost-effective power solution for small RVs.

Benefits of Adding Lithium Batteries to Smaller Campers

Adding lithium batteries to a smaller camper offers several advantages, enhancing the camping experience. Lithium batteries provide a higher energy density, which packs more energy into a smaller, lighter package, perfect for smaller campers with limited space. Their efficiency in charging and discharging ensures maximum power utilization from solar panels or generators. With a longer lifespan and greater cycle life, they require less frequent replacement, saving costs over time. Their deep discharge capability allows campers to use more stored energy without harming the battery, increasing energy availability for appliances and devices. Lithium batteries also have a low self-discharge rate, retaining their charge for longer periods, ideal for intermittent use in a camper. They offer a stable voltage output, ensuring consistent power for appliances. Overall, adding lithium batteries to a smaller camper provides a compact, efficient, and reliable power solution, enhancing the overall camping experience.

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How Many Panels Do I Need to Run My Lights and Water Pump
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How many panels do I need to run my lights and water pump? ##Customer Steve has asked: How many panels do I need to run my lights and water pump? **Answer:**This is a question we get quite a bit when people are trying to determine the right amount of solar for their RV. Water pumps and lights are 2 of the main uses of power when off grid camping. Therefore these loads will operate at 12 volts off the battery which are charged by RV solar panels.


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