My travel trailer is prewired for Solar, now what?

Updated for the new 190 Watt Solar Kits : UPDATED

Updated: 05/20/2019 Many of the travel trailers from brands like Forest River, Airstream and Jayco are coming prewired for RV Solar. This implementation is called the Wired for Solar program.

Pre Wire For Solar may require a different base solar kit

There are many sizes of panels that will work with the pre wired RVs:


Our Go Power solar kits are designed to pair with the Go Power Prewire on these travel trailers. These prewired solar trailers can  come in a couple different configurations.

if you can't figure out which configuration your has, give us a call at 1-866-574-4983 and we can help.

An airstream travel trailer setup for camping fun.

Many of these travel trailers are using the Go Power cable entry plate on the RV roof. These cable entry plates make hooking up a Go Power solar kit a breeze. All that is left is mounting the panels, fusing the wire and installing the charge controller. Most of the hard work of running cables has already been completed by the factory.


This can save as many as 5 hours off a standard install of solar panels on your travel trailer. Not all of the prewired trailers use these cable entry plates, but instead use 2 mc4 wires terminating through the roof.

Charge Controller of Sticker Alert

Many of the prewired RVs have a sticker that looks like a charge controller. It is usually help in locating placement for the controller and locating the solar cables coming in from the roof.

The newer option is for some Trailers to come prewired with the circuit completed from the cable entry plate through a charge controller and completed at the battery. This is more rare of an install an often uses an SQ designated charge controller.

Depending on your configuration, we can tailor your kit your needs.

Which panels are right for your travel trailer?

There are 2 main types of panels that we have to match the Go Power prewire setups. These panels are rigid solar panels and flex solar panels. The flex panels can curve to match shapes on Airstreams while rigid panels have better warranties and are usually are a little less expensive.

Depending on which travel trailer make and model you have will determine which type of panel is best for your needs.

Here is a reference of travel trailer brands that we have heard that Go Power solar prewires are included in:

  • Forest River
  • Airstream
  • Jayco

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This is the base kit that most people purchase for their travel trailers.

Go Power Overlander Kit for Pre Wired for Solar Trailers