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Go Power IC 2000 Inverter Charger

Go Power IC 2000 Inverter Charger

Powerful inverter charger provides clean power on the road and off

Updated DEC 2022

Go Power IC-2000 Inverter Charger Now WITH REMOTE INCLUDED


Go Power IC-2000 Inverter Charger now includes the remote. Details: NOW INCLUDES THE REMOTE SWITCH GP-ICR-50

A real game-changer for customers looking for a single utility-grade unit from Go Power. Easy installation and a 3-year warranty are just some of the great features this unit carries.

  • Note: The Go Power IC 2000 manual recommends DC-Kit-4 for installs 5 feet from the battery bank and DC-Kit-5 when installed 5 to 10 feet from the battery bank.

The Go Power! Inverter Charger is a breakthrough product where you get top features, quality, and performance at an economical price.  The inverter charger is a 3-in-1 system combining an inverter, battery charger, and automatic transfer switch. This saves space and simplifies installation by reducing the number of devices and cables to install.

While most inverter chargers offer a 30 amp transfer switch, the IC2000 provides two 50 amp legs. That means when connected to shore power 50 amp service (240V), you can draw up to 12,000 watts of power!  The IC2000 is also compatible with 30 amp service.

The IC-2000 Includes a battery temperature sensor on a 25′ cable. One end mounts onto your battery and the other end plugs into the inverter charger. The temperature data is sent to the IC2000 which automatically adjusts voltage to maintain proper and healthy charging.

Accessorize with the IC Series digital remote panel for complete control and monitoring of your inverter charger! 12.6” x 6.9” x 13.7”

Inverter Charger Features

  • 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter; 3400 watt surge (5 seconds)
  • High inverter efficiency – 90%
  • 100 amp battery converter/charger
  • 100 amp automatic transfer switch (50 amps per leg at 240V AC)
  • Built-in handles offers easier handling during installation
  • Power factor corrected
  • Industry standard protection features
  • Meets UL 1741 and UL 458 with marine supplement
  • 3 year warranty

inverter charger certificates


  • Width: 13.00
  • Height: 7.00
  • Depth: 14.00
  • MPN: GP-IC-2000
  • SKU: GP-IC-2000
  • Warranty: 3 year warranty from Go Power

The IC-2000 Uses the Install Kit 4 for providing the connection to the battery. This includes the required DC cables and 300 AMP Class T Fuse Lug and Block.

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