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Motorhome 570 Watt Complete Solar System

Motorhome 570 Watt Complete Solar System

Complete Solar System for a Motorhome (570 Watts)

The Complete Solar System for Motorhomes combines our popular 570 watt Solar Kit and the 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter. The result is an economical yet powerful way to have the comforts you need wherever you dry camp. The complete solar system kit comes ready for plug & power installation. Includes Go Power! DC Installation Kit. The WEEKENDER SW is easily expandable into a full-time system.

System includes:

  • 570 watt (28 amps) solar charging kit 60″ X 27″ X 3
  • 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger for AC power
  • 30 amp pulse width modulated digital regulator with lithium settings
  • Inverter Charger remote
  • DC Inverter Install Kit

25 year warranty on solar panels.
2 years on inverter, transfer switch

The video below is an oldie, but a goodie. The wattage on the solar panel is now 190 watts, but still has the same footprint. Also, with the times changing we don’t offer phone support. However, our video have a lot of great info.

For a Complete RV system add Lithium Batteries.

Amplifying Solar-Equipped Motorhomes with Lithium Battery Banks

Motorhomes with solar installations already have a leap into self-sufficiency. Adding a lithium battery bank further propels this advantage. Here’s why:

  • Extended Off-Grid Capabilities: Lithium batteries provide more usable capacity than traditional counterparts. This means longer times enjoying remote spots without the need for grid power or generators.

  • Rapid Recharge: Paired with solar, these batteries can recharge at a faster rate, ensuring that power is replenished quickly during optimal sunlight hours.

  • Longevity: Lithium batteries can endure numerous charge-discharge cycles, offering years of reliable service.

  • Efficiency: They maintain a consistent voltage level, ensuring that appliances run effectively, even when the battery’s charge is low.

  • Space & Weight: With their high energy density, lithium batteries pack more power in a compact space and often weigh less, preserving your motorhome’s payload.

Upgrading to a lithium battery bank seamlessly complements your solar setup, turning your motorhome into a robust, self-sustaining mobile haven.

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